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Teng Ann online (www.tenwl.com) for shipping companies, shipping companies, logistics distribution center, special line, air freight, sea rail transport, the owner, the owner, logistics equipment production or sales, etc., to provide information query, information release, online trading, online booking, online payment, financial guarantee, the local service (customs declaration, customs clearance, warehousing, trailer, inspection, supervision of loading, loading and unloading, sorting), insurance, etc. And related enterprises to establish marketing alliances, integration of superior resources, the formation of a multi-win model.

Computer, mobile phone, WeChat can be online at the same time, information sharing. Realize the complementary advantages of online and offline transactions such as shipping, land transportation, air transportation, sea-railway combined transportation, cargo distribution, trailer, distribution, insurance, financial guarantee, customs declaration and customs clearance. Extensive data coverage can provide customers with one-stop service, the platform adopts the free operation mode + value-added service operation mode; Free mode can reduce the cost of users, value-added service mode can better service customers.


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