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Steel Foldable IBC

Qingdao ADA Flexitank Co., Ltd produce Foldable IBC for non-hazardous liquid products for reusable transportation and storage, it's full name is Foldable intermediate bulk container, capacity could from 800 Liters to 1200 Liters.





 800L to 1200L 


 Galvanized sheet and steel pipe 

Outer size


Folded Size


Load Bearing

 1200 KGS 


 120-130 kgs/pc 

Using Attributes



Competitive Advantage:


More environmental protection: With the disposal food-grade liner in it will be safer and healthier, without cleaning cost.


Lower transportation costs: Folded height is 35cm, which can save the returning cost.


Simple operation: Being assembled and folded in 1 minute. All the operations, include loading and discharging can be done by one person.


Long time usage: Recycle using with long serve life, no need of pallet.


Safer and save space: After loading, it can be stacked 4 layers high and can be weighed 8 tons. The empty box can be stacked 12 layers high and can be used for road transportation, railway transportation, sea transportation and so on




 Palm oil, Sunflower oil, Edible oil, Vegetable oil, Olive oil, Grape wine, Sorbitol, Soy sauce, Fruit juices, Food additives, Wine, Mineral, Glucose, Malt, Syrup and so on. 

Industrial Oils

 Base oil, Lubricant, Transformer oil, White oil, Tung-oil, Glycerin, Coconut butter, Hydraulic oil, Used cooking oil, Grease, Gear oil, Ricinus oil, High fatty acids and oleic acid etc. 

Non-hazardous liquid chemicals

 Plasticizers, Synthetic resins, Detergents, Disinfectors, Surface active agents, Polyhydric alcohols, Feed additives, Silicate, Salt Solution, Glycols, Emulsions, Polyether, Alkylating agent, Fertilizers, Natural& synthetic latex etc. 


 Iron fittings(do not need liner), powder, granules etc..

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