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highway Flexitank

Highway  Flexitank/ Truck Flexitank


1. Summary:


The truck flexitank is a flexible packaging that is suitable for long-distance transportation of non-hazardous bulk liquid via truck or trailer.


Structure: 3 PE+2PP

Loading and discharging type: Top Loading& Top Discharging

Accessories: 2pcs steel bars, 1pc bulkhead, 5 pieces of strong tension belts, 1pc PE liner

Truck Available: It's better that the truck is with high guardrails and new trucks, the trucks with length of 6.7m, 9.6m, 13m, etc.

Capacity: 5000L to 24000L, capacity can be offered according to customer need and size of truck

Cargo Filling Temperature: -20- 60 Degree Celsius

One set including 2 pcs truck flexitank.

Note: Paper cardboard and other protection items should be prepared by users.


2. Truck Selection


1) Better choose flat Truck, do not select high and low board truck, preferred select the truck with shorter period, new car within 2 years is best.

2) Try to choose the truck which is integrated of the two side guardrail columns and the floor; do not choose the truck which is inserted into the floor by the column of the guardrail, this kind vehicle is easily bent by the impact of flexitank, with more dangerous.

3) Select truck with better conditions, be careful to see if there is a sharp, concave and uneven place in the floor of the carriage and on both sides of the guardrail. Lower wire ropes or other reinforced ropes in the car should be removed. The principle is not to wear or puncture flexitank.


3. Truck Reinforcement


 1) First put a square steel bar in each side of the fence, and then fix every steel bar on the truck, make sure the steel bar in the middle of the fence as far as possible.

2) About 6 square steel bars needed, can increase or decrease according to the actual situation of the truck.



4. Installation


1) The bottom and sides of the car should be cleaned to ensure no sharp objects or needling objects.

2) To protect the sides and bottom of the car with cardboard.

3) The PE lining cloth tiled in the car, the extra part is stretched out and fixed on the car guardrail.

4) The flexitank is laid on the PE lining, the distance between the left and right sides is equal, and the valve is upwards.

5) Pave the flexitank well, the belts are arranged well and clockwise, can not circling.

6) The middle of the two flexitank should be separated by bulkhead to prevent friction between the bags.


Liquid food

Wine, edible oil, various concentrated juices, food additives, sorbitol, palm oil, soy sauce, rice wine, mineral water, wheat extract, various syrups, etc.

Liquid fats

Lubricating oil, lubricating oil additive, transformer oil, white oil, tung oil, glycerin, coconut oil, hydraulic oil, industrial gear oil, castor oil, high oil fatty acid, oleic acid, etc.

Liquid chemical products

Plasticizers, synthetic resins, detergents, disinfectants, surfactants, polyols, feed additives, silicates, brine solutions, propylene glycol, ethylene glycol, polyethers, alkylating agents, herbicides, fertilizers, natural Rubber, synthetic latex, etc.

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