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What are the advantages of molasses flexitanks?

      A major problem currently plaguing molasses manufacturers is how to strike a balance between transportation costs and transportation efficiency. The main problem of molasses transportation is how to choose a container containing molasses with economical, environmentally friendly and without destroying the quality of the molasses are the prerequisites for the selection of containers, and the appearance of the molasses flexitank has solved this problem well. So, what are the benefits of using a molasses fleixtank instead of a traditional can?

     First, the molasses flexitank is a disposable container that can be discarded after use. It does not require opening a dedicated space to store these bags. Therefore, it is a very economical container. This type of container saves a lot of money for the entire transportation process. Second, the advantage of the molasses flexitank is that it is very easy to handle. It only needs some people and some tubes to complete the loading and unloading of the whole lot of molasses, which saves a lot of manpower and material resources compared with the traditional barrels and cans. At the same time, because the molasses flexitank improves the loading and unloading efficiency of the product, it also means higher potential economic benefits for the enterprise.

    Compared to traditional barrels and cans, the molasses flexitank can hold more molasses (40% more than the original container), that is, the number of containers for loading the product can be reduced by transporting the same amount of molasses. Moreover, the goods that need to be transported can even reduce the number of transportation, and the transportation efficiency will be greatly improved.

     In summary, the molasses flexitank solves the problem of transporting liquid molasses well, and also allows the merchant to save more money from the operation of loading and transportation, and the higher efficiency further improves the comprehensive competition of the manufacturer.These advantages will also enable the company to release more human and material resources, giving it more ability to handle more orders.

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