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How to choose a qualified flexitank?Let Qingdao Tengan Supply Chain Technology Co, Ltd. tells you.

People cannot live without the logistics in nowadays. It is because of the support of logistics that we can enjoy such an efficient life. Among various logistics containers, flexitank is also coming into the eye of people. But do you know how to choose a qualified flexitank?


1. Advanced materials make advanced bag


We use DOW’s raw material. Conform to FDA standards and EU food packaging regulations. Don’t contain any carbon black impurities. Refuse to use reclaimed materials or agricultural plastic mulching film.


2. Innovative valve design makes the valve more solider


Self-developed and patented. High-strength material manufactured. No crack and leakage under -20℃ to 80℃. Anti-absorbing design, make your job easier and timesaving.


3. Authority certification, release  your worries


ISO9001, FDA, EC, COA, KOSHER, CRCC, AAR, $5 Million Insurance


Now, just imagine if you use our product, not only you can save shipping cost. The most important is safe, convenient and timesaving. So, why not contact me to get extra information and our latest price.


If you want to know more about flexitank, welcome to visit our official website of the Tengan supply chain Co., Ltd. Your any questions can be answered in time here. I believe that the Tengan supply chain will be your best choice.


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